alapana offers Regular, Flexi, and Special Courses. Regular and Flexi courses lead to an optional examination. Those who qualify in the examinations are awarded certificates.
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alapana offers the following types of programs in Vocal Music, Veena, Violin, Mridangam, Bharatanatyam & Tabla :

  • Regular

  • Flexi-learn

  • Special

       The 'Regular' program is a structured program in Carnatic Music (South Indian Classical Music) as well as   Bharatanatyam (Indian Classical Dance). The 'Regular' students are admitted at 3 different levels :

  • Standard   - There are 3 stages at this level

  • Intermediate - There are again 3 stages at this level      &

  • Advanced  - There are also 3 stages at this level

         The Regular programs are offered on fixed time and days of a week. Students sit for an examination every year and the qualifying students are awarded certificates. Examination is not compulsory. There are no failures in alapana examinations as the teachers pre-qualify the candidates for the examination. Regular course follows alapana syllabus. Sruti Manjari is our prescribed text book in 2 parts.  Part1 contains basic lessons, simple songs and basic theory for beginners. An MP3 CD that has all the contents of Sruti Manjari Part1 in an audio format is also available. Students have found this as a very valuable resource.  The book, Sruti Manjari Part2 contains 10 Varnams and 50 notated Kritis.

The group size of each class falls into one of the following:

  • Individual / Group of two persons

  • Group - 3 or more

      The 'Flexilearn' (Flexi, in short) program is intended for frequent travelers, Shift-duty persons and all those who may find it difficult to attend classes on a fixed day of the week. Those who attend Flexi programs may also opt for examination. Flexi course also follows alapana syllabus. Flexible classes are also recommended for those who prefer to go at their pace.  

        The 'Special' programs are unique courses, which are different from all the above programs. It is intended for those who seek specialised knowledge. They can also be customised to the needs of the individual or the group. 

Answers to some FAQ :

  • It is a prerequisite to become a member of alapana before undertaking any program at alapana.

  • The minimum age for all the alapana regular programs is 5 (completed).

  • 'abc' (alapana balak culture) is an exceptional programme where children of age 3 to 6 years only are admitted. 'abc' programs are offered from time to time.

  • alapana courses are always offered at alapana premises only. However, colleges/schools may engage the services of alapana teachers for conducting special course at their premises.

  • The lessons are for a duration of approximately 50 minutes each.

  • Theory lessons are also part of the programs.

  • Classes preparatory to performances are deemed as regular classes.

  • Public holidays are alapana holidays as well.

  • Classes cancelled by alapana teachers will be compensated. However the classes skipped by the students cannot be made up.

  • The maximum group size is usually 8 persons. However, on weekends there is no maximum limit to the group size.

  • Opportunities are provided to students to perform on stage.

  • All 'Regular' course students are required to pay a deposit equivalent to one month's fees applicable. Deposit is required for each subject separately and it needs to be topped up when the fee increases.

  • Deposits are refundable when the member leaves alapana;   however the refund is subject to the condition that there is no amount in arrears due from the member. Deposit can be set off adjusted against the notice period/sum.

  • alapana couses are offered only to its members and their family. Membership fee is payable annually.

  • Student admitted to a subject are to pay a student admission fee which is valid until the student stops attending the class for that subject.

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