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Mridangam - Regular, Flexi & Intensive programs

Mridangam programs are Indian percussion training courses that take you through a detailed study of everything pertaining to the proper techniques of playing Mridangam right from the sitting posture and holding the instrument to the use of hands, fingers and the aesthetic and creative minds to play the divine instrument.

The basic lessons generally contain drum syllables set to Adi talam, which is nothing but an 8-beat cycle of a steady rhythmic structure. This course is meant for all ages who are able to handle this instrument.

Students are taught appropriate limb/finger movements, use of wrist action, developing 'muscle-memory', significance of balance and coordination, hard/soft touch, sound-sensitivity and many more aspects.

The Regular course leads to examination (not compulsory) at 3 levels, Standard, Intermediate and Advanced. It prepares a student to develop performing skills as a  Mridangam player mainly for solo performances, ensemble and as an accompaniment for concerts; the student may also apply the skills easily to become a percussionist for dance performances. The examination leads to certification.

alapana Mridangam classes are also offered as an ancillary subject in order to prepare a student of the other core classes such as Vocal, Veena, Violin or any other music subject and also for dance students.

Though these classes are predominantly performance-oriented, necessary theory elements are also included.

Guru(Instructor): Mr V.Raghuraman

PDF files:

Print out a copy of basic lessons from a pdf file

A few Korvais -pdf

Audio files:

Audio Sample of a   Typical Mohra-Korvai

Video files:

Sample Video Mridangam Lessons  :  1  2  3  4  5  6  7 

    Oral Drum syllables - Sarvalaghu exercise

  - Thangita Thakajonu

  - Tomtha Kukum Thakajonu

  ` Thakajonu   ,Thajonu

  ` Thom, Kitathaka Nam Thom Kitathaka

  ` Thadinginathom varieties 

  - Typical ending called "Periya Mohra", the first part of  'Mohra-Korvai'

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